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COTA Jalecia - North Houston Therapy

I found passion, purpose, and growth!

SLP Maddison - North Houston Therapy

"A day in the life"

Parent Health Maintenance Attendant Catherine

Parent provider and daughter

SLP Kendall - Austin South Therapy

Nursing Director Drew - Oakland

I found Happiness!

Case Manager Jodi - Fergus Falls Home Health

Aveanna an amazing company with a great management team!

Onyx and Nurse Ashley

Branch Administrator Michele - San Diego

Operations Specialist Evie - Tulsa PDN

I found growth! I started as a intern in my undergrad who had never heard of Private Duty Nursing and am now well-established in my role as Operations Specialist. I gotten to learn so much through the support of my office and Aveanna leadership. I have gotten to pursue and earned my MBA in General Management. I have gotten to travel to help train and support other locations. I built skills in recruiting, HR, onboarding, staffing, payroll, auditing and so much more. Plus, I have grown in friendships. I love being a part of team Tulsa and consider my coworkers to be my friends. I have made so many connections. I love getting to meet patients, nurses and families. Getting to grow and be a part of their journeys is so rewarding. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had with Aveanna to learn, grow and thrive.

Office Administrative Coordinator Buffy - Lakeland Home Health

I found my team!!

SLP Karly - Houston South Therapy

Executive Director Tierra - Tulsa PDN

I have the opportunity to serve our children and make a bigger impact each and every day with all the resources and development Aveanna has delivered to our team. We have some of the best leaders in the business and I am so excited to see all the GOOD we will continue to accomplish.

Nurse Carla - Temple PDN

I’ve found Purpose, Flexibility, Compassion, and Inclusion at Aveanna

Bereavement Coordinator Sue - Decatur Hospice

I Found Passion

Nurse Lorna - Jacksonville PDN

I’ve found PASSION and PURPOSE at Aveanna Healthcare!!💙

Access Management Specialist Janiece - Corporate

I found direction.

PTA Stephen - Bessemer Home Health

I found Flexibility

Operations Specialist Valarie - San Antonio East PDN

I found a Team

Nurse Moriah - Newark PDN

Aveanna… making a mom better

SLP Adriane - Englewood Therapy

Nurse Danielle - Shreveport PDHC

I found purpose at Aveanna

Administrative Office Coordinator Michelle - Springfield Hospice

News 471 Live

Nurse Mary - Demopolis Hospice

I found a new home

Nurse Mozhgan - New Orleans PDN